Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Solution

All four suspects had motives, as Seamus McCree explained. It was means and opportunity that implicated the murderer.

Payton Olliver couldn't have done it -- our "artist" had her hands covered in shaving cream, which stickified everything she touched. The bourbon bottle had fingerprints, but no shaving cream, which that it hadn't been wiped down . . . which meant she couldn't have put the nuts in it.

Ray Vuss Wordum couldn't have done it -- at the time the dargon nuts were being stolen, he was being snatched by hotel security.

Fran Van Helsing couldn't have done it -- when the murder occurred, she was being evicted from the hotel by hotel security.

That leaves only Helen Bvtzchknn with means (the nuts), motive (getting banned from the EWW) and opportunity (right there in the bar).

When arrested, Helen said . . . well, nobody understood what she said because it made no sense. Regardless, justice was served!

Dee T. Ective's First Homicide Mystery: Winners

The mystery has been solved! Thanks to all who participated -- we really appreciate your time, effort, and support for our little blog. We spent a lot of time and energy creating and staging this interactive mystery, and we really grew to love the characters (criminals though they may be).

We would like to thank Reavis Wortham for being our wonderful victim, Jim Jackson and Seamus McCree for their enlightening insights, Tai Randolph for her helpful commentary, and the lovely rulers of Bouchercon for allowing us to commit all sorts of tom-foolery. Oh, and Sisters in Crime for paying our way. Thanks, you guys.

Most of all, however, thank you to hotel security for NOT kicking us out when you found a group of teenagers huddled out by the bathrooms taking pictures of themselves with lampshades on their heads.

We hope you had just as much fun as we did.

Now, the time has come to announce the winner...

*drum roll*


She correctly deduced the identity of the perpetrator and won the drawing for a $25 giftcard! We also gave away five $5 runner-up prizes.

For those who are still left wondering about the culprit, don't worry. We'll clue you in -- for the solution, click HERE!