Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review Time: GONE AND DONE IT by Maggie Toussaint

by Kaley Whittle

Baxley Powell is not what most people would call "lucky". With a missing husband and an energetic daughter to watch over, all Baxley wants to do is get the job done. She does everything within her power to keep her little household afloat, whether that means spending hours in the sun doing landscaping jobs or filling her house with other people's animals. Stress has become her devilish companion. Baxley is just trying to finish this hell of a landscaping job so she can get paid, and (god forbid) maybe rest easy for a while. But she's turning over more than mulch, and dead bodies have a tendency to complicate things.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Review Time: AS SHE LEFT IT by Catriona McPherson

By Destiny Geddis
As She Left It did a miraculous thing that really hasn't happened since Death Spiral: it made us universally agree that we loved this book.
Something you may not have realized, is that our little YA Review Team is unbelievably picky. One of us, a newcomer who joined during the Jesus Jackson era, had yet to truly enjoy a book that we had read. However, they ended up liking this book so much that when they ended up getting sick and being unable to attend our meeting, they demanded that we Skype them so they could talk about this book. So, while this is not technically a Young Adult novel, we will be reviewing it.