Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review Time: MR. SAMUEL'S PENNY by Treva Hall Melvin

By: Maddy

This review is one that is long overdue. Our book club read this book a while ago, and I was the one who volunteered to write the review. Unfortunately, my laziness and general procrastination got the best of me, and something that should've been done a long time ago is only getting done now. My sincerest apologies to the author and the five or so people who check this blog often (five being a very generous number), and not only I, but the rest of our team as well hope to be more effective in the future.

Mr. Samuel’s Penny is a book about a young 14 year old girl who is a yankee at heart but goes down south to stay with her aunt, Aunt Alice, over the summer, in the small town of Ahoskie, North Carolina. This small town is mostly known for being quiet and peaceful, but this all changes when tragedy strikes. Mr. Samuel, owner of the town’s lumber yard, has been found dead along with his two year old daughter in a river after skidding off a bridge. Everybody is the under of the assumption that this was an accident as Mr. Samuel was a man liked by almost everyone in the town, but when the town’s sheriff finds evidence that they were bullets fired on the bridge, this turns an accident into a full blown homicide. However, even though it has been confirmed to be a homicide, there is almost no evidence linking to who the perpetrator is, with only one piece of evidence found at the scene; Mr. Samuel was found clutching a 1909 wheat penny as he drowned.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review Time : BROKEN by C. J. Lyons

By Destiny Geddis

Scarlet Killian wants to be a normal girl, but like most novel's which feature a child who wishes to be 'normal', she's got something keeping her from being so. In C. J. Lyons's Broken, that would be the rare but fatal heart condition, Long QT Syndrome. Realizing that time is limited and she could die at any moment, Scarlet begs her mother to let her spend what little time she has left going to public school. Scarlet soon realizes that high school's not really that great. Kids in Scarlet's school are some strange brand of teenager who thinks attempted arson is funny. Plus, during an exercise in her literature class, she realize she can't remember anything from her early childhood. What could this mean? As the days pass and Scarlet is forced to deal with the idea that high school might deadly, will she die before she can solve the mystery of her forgotten childhood?