Friday, October 9, 2015

Cast of Characters

Reavis Wortham – Innocent Victim

Detective Dee. T. Ective – new to the Raleigh Writer's Conference Homicide Squad, looking forward to her first case

Detective Jean Jeanbeaug – agent for Interpol's Crimes Against Humanity Squad, assisting Det. Ective with her first case

Suspect #1 Fran Helsing – Rabid mystery fan-at-large

Suspect #2 Helen Bvtzchknn -- Freelance editor-at-large

Suspect # 3 Payton Olliver – Artist-at-large

Suspect # 4 Ray Vuss Wordum – Mystery Author. Not at large.

Brutus the Bartender – Bartender. At the bar. Which he tends.

Chef Blarnee – Fancy Irish Chef brought in to prepare special mystery dinner

Seamus McCree
– Guest Sleuth

Tai Randolph – Guest Sleuth